Kurt Cobain – Cobain


ONE OF A KIND – Kurt Cobain edition

At first it was kinda painful to cut this shirt into pieces. Once cut, you can’t go back! But it turned out perfectly well with these white stripes that were also added on the back side. And nice detail: there’s the smoking hand of Kurt on your shoulder! Slightly oversized, short model.


  • Material: (Organic) Cotton Jersey
  • Size: unisex S/M/L
  • Handmade in The Netherlands

Slow is the way to go. Slow Fashion is the new fashion. Every single product is handmade with love and precision. We use 100% GOTS-certified organic bio cotton for our private Mimas-sweater collection. We try to reach as much people as we can and we do NOT want to out rule anyone, unfortunately we can only cut the fabric once, since they are all one of a kind! We only have that one shirt we can change into a new sweater.

As we make most sweaters in approximately size M-L-XL make sure you check the entire collection for other sizes.

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